Established in 2002, Boomer Environmental was started as an Emergency Response Company.  Since that time Boomer Environmental has grown significantly to one of the largest Environmental cleanup companies in the State of Oklahoma and Services have now extended to Arkansas.   Boomer Environmental now has 2 permitted facilities in both States in addition to an industrial wastewater plant in Oklahoma City.


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Corporate Contacts

Brandon Cobb

Brandon Cobb COO- Boomer Environmental LLC bcobb@boomerenvironmental.com

Dustin Watson

Dustin Watson CFO- Boomer Environmental LLC CEO- Envirodispose dwatson@boomerenvironmental.com

Kevin Mullins

Kevin Mullins: – Blytheville/Memphis/Oklahoma City Title: Director of Safety and Compliance Email: kmullins@boomerenvironmental.com

Oklahoma Division

Eric Standridge

Eric Standridge VP of Operations- Oklahoma City ericstandridge@boomerenvironmental.com

Ryan R. Dolf – OKC Location

Ryan R. Dolf Manager of Industrial Sales- Oklahoma City ryandolf@boomerenvironmental.com

Mark Wilkett

Mark Wilkett Title- Director of Accounts Receivable- Oklahoma City mark@boomerenvironmental.com

Robert Johnson

Operations Manager – Oklahoma City rjohnson@boomerenvironmental.com

Jesse Kittles

Jesse Kittles Environmental Services Operations Manager- Oklahoma City jkittles@boomerenvironmental.com

Jason Shorter

Jason Shorter Project Coordinator and Manager of Emergency Response- Oklahoma City jshorter@boomerenvironmental.com

Tabatha Willoughby

Tabatha Willoughby Administrative Assistant- Oklahoma City Tabatha@boomerenvironmental.com

Arkansas Division

Danny Allison

Danny Allison – Blytheville/Memphis Title: General Manager Email: danny@boomerenvironmental.com

Derrick Alls

Derrick Alls – Blytheville Title: Business Development Email: dalls@boomerenvironmental.com

Christian Foster

Christian Foster – Blytheville Title: Industrial Operations Manager Email: cfoster@boomerenvironmental.com

Brian Ritcheson

Brian Ritcheson – Blytheville Title: Operations Manager Email: brichardson@boomerenvironmental.com

Chris Frazier

Chris Frazier – Blytheville Title: Operations Manager Email: cfrazier@boomerenvironmental.com

Waste Water Treatment

Ryan R. Dolf – OKC Location

Ryan R. Dolf Manager of Industrial Sales- Oklahoma City ryandolf@boomerenvironmental.com

Scotty Schultheis – Arkansas Location

Scotty Schultheis – Blytheville Title: WasteWater Facility Manager Email: scotty@boomerenvironmental.com