Decontamination Services


  • Decontamination fog services effectively kill various bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19) with the aim of reducing the risk of contracting and spreading of infectious diseases, and restoring health, stability, and peace of mind within the community.
  • A CDC approved hospital grade disinfectant solution will be distributed by means of fogging. Once the solution settles or contacts a surface, it will kill bacteria and viruses.
  • We use a 1-step disinfectant which needs to be applied and not wiped or washed off. The product lists that it effectively kills the Covid-19 virus and is a hospital-grade solution.


  • Due to the type of procedure, no one can be present (people and pets) inside during the time of the application and for 45-60 minutes afterward - allowing to settle, dry, and disinfect.
  • Our fogger can decontaminate roughly 10,000 sq. feet in an hour.

Benefits of Fogging VS Spray and Wipe

Why use this ‘fogging’ when I can just wipe the surfaces over with a bit of spray and a cloth?

  • Wiping the surfaces over with a cloth is the option most of the population would turn to, the traditional cleaning method is only effective at getting rid of 11%* of harmful bacteria and viruses. Wiping down surfaces can spread germs, and viruses especially when only one cloth is used to clean all surfaces.
  • Conventional cleaning may get rid of the germs that lie upon the surfaces we can see, it will not target areas which could be missed or hard to reach by cleaners, such as underneath tables and within the spaces between cupboards. This leads to hotspots, where there is a large volume of bacteria, germs, and viruses.
  • Fogging kills the virus where it lies and also prevents it being transferred from one place to another (known as cross contamination) due to its automated process.
  • With fogging, there are no places for the germs/ viruses to shelter.